The planning vision for Great Yarmouth is grouped around the three themes of economy, learning and training, environment, community, and neighbourhood renewal. This vision to the year 2020 is set out in the document Great Yarmouth: Local Strategic Partnership. This vision is to be realised in a local development framework.

The Local Development Framework (LDF)
On the 13th of May 2004, the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 received Royal Assent and became law on 28th September 2004. The change in legislation means that the current Great Yarmouth Borough – Wide Local Plan (Adopted February 2001) will be replaced by a new type of development plan known as a Local Development Framework (LDF).

The Borough – Wide Local Plan (February 2001) will continue to provide planning policy guidance against which planning applications and other development proposals will be assessed until 2007 (although the Local Plans end date is 2006, legislation provides for the plan to be saved for 3 years year).

The primary role of the LDF is to guide the development of Great Yarmouth so as to achieve the planning related vision outlined in Great Yarmouth’s Community Strategy (2020 Vision – the Revised Path to the Future) and to conform with the Regional Spatial Strategy (East of England Plan). The LDF will do this by providing clear policies relating to the location and design of development that will be used in the assessment of planning applications as part of the Development Control process.

For information on the production of the Great Yarmouth LDF visit the LDF Progress Update webpage and download the latest newsletter.

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....Yarmouth Community Strategy: 2020

The Sustainable Community Strategy is a plan for the future of Great Yarmouth, both the urban and rural areas, to guide their development over the next few years. Since the first such plan, the 2020 Vision was developed in 1997, and revised in 2003, much has changed in Great Yarmouth. This new strategy takes account of those changes.

Based on three main themes:
  • A Prosperous and Dynamic Economy
  • A Clean and Safe Environment
  • A Healthy and Cohesive Community

    Questionnaires were produced in January, 2008 asking people to ‘have their say’ on the draft document that looks at the future of Great Yarmouth. The draft Sustainable Community Strategy sets the scene for a vibrant and prosperous Great Yarmouth and makes some suggestions for the entire community to consider and respond to in order to develop a sense of ownership of the final document. Once the results of the survey are incorporated into the final document it can then go forward into the negotiation process to direct public funding on a borough-wide basis to where Great Yarmouth needs it most.

  • Copies of the full strategy document, a summary and questionnaire are available on the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council websites, local CLIP offices and at static displays situated at:

  • - Great Yarmouth Library
    - Cobholm & Lichfield Resource Centre
    - The Priory
    - Gt. Yarmouth Town Hall
    - ComeUnity Office King Street
    - Community Connections, Southtown Road
    - St James’ Resource Centre
    - Gorleston Library

    There are also three special public consultation meetings being held at:
  • Martham Village Hall Monday February 4 2008 at 6:30pm
  • Magdalen Methodist Church Tuesday February 5 at 10am
  • The Priory Community Trust Friday February 8 at 12 noon

The consultation concludes on 29 February 2008.

Councillor Barry Coleman, the Chairman of the LSP, which has devised the strategy, has called for a widespread community consultation to ensure that the Sustainable Community Strategy effectively serves the community for which it has been developed.

“The strategy must reflect the views, concerns, priorities, wishes and aspirations of the whole community and be firmly based on evidence of local needs” explained Councillor Coleman. “By undertaking this widespread consultation of the community the many partners of the Local Strategic Partnership can be confident that this new strategy will identify a real ‘sense of place’ for Great Yarmouth. On this basis the LSP will be leading the way in approaching the local area agreement negotiation on a firmly held basis in order to secure significant funding from the Government for the people of Great Yarmouth.”

The results of the consultation and the final document will be fed back to the community at The Great Yarmouth People Community Event, which will be held on Saturday March 15 at the Marina Centre.

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